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Master Cleanse

Master Cleanse: Day 7

July 1, 2006

I’ve been on the cleanse for a full week now and I can honestly say I’m feeling great. Having never juice fasted beyond three days before, I never knew it could be so.. easy.

I don’t even want food anymore. What the heck? It’s freakish I tell ya! Though, to be honest, I loooove the smell of food, but if offered any, I could refuse and not feel like I’m being tortured or like I was missing out. Kevin got Quizno’s today and I didn’t even bat an eyelash while he ate next to me. It smelled effing good though. It’s almost as if just the smell of food satiates me.

I think I mentioned this to Ilona in a comment, but water… just plain water, tastes sweet now. It has a mildly sweet flavor to it. Yum, huh? No wonder Robin from Howard Stern said a salad tastes like ice cream once you start eating again. :w00t!:

July 4th will be my last day on the lemonade. The next day I can drink only orange juice (watered down, if necessary) and more of the lemonade. Following that, I’m going to make a fresh vegetable soup with little to no spices/seasonings in it and have the broth. Then, to officially be off the cleanse, I will eat the broth with some of the veggies, along with a light salad and maybe a rye cracker. Then, on Saturday, July 8, I will be able to eat a full meal. I guess I better figure out what/where my first meal is going to be. :ponder:

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Master Cleanse: Day 6

June 30, 2006

Today it felt like I took a step back, as I felt slightly hungry during the day. Oddly enough, even feeling slightly hungry, I had no desire to eat when faced with restaurants and fast food all around me. Even looking at recipes, which were torture during the first few days, don’t bother me at all now. It’s great, because as I’m sure most people know, looking at recipes when you’re hungry just makes it worse! So, in light of my new found "immunity" to recipe-hunger, I’m going to finally organize all my recipes this weekend. 😀

Doing this cleanse has also enlightened me on just how much packaged food we really eat. So, I’m going to remedy that by making fresh dishes at least three times a week and help make easily packed, fresh lunches, as well. Vegan, of course. Though, I’m sure Kevin will most likely add his "real" cheese to his portions of any dishes that call for it.

I think my first fresh dish is going to this great recipe I found in Body + Soul magazine: Pasta with Black Beans, Tomatoes, and Pumpkin-Cilantro Sauce. It’s from a Nature’s Path ad and it’s completely vegan. I asked Kev if he would try it and I got a reluctant, "sure". Heh. I’m going to resurrect those dead taste buds of his if it takes a freshly cooked meal everyday to do it, damnit!

Anyway, I’m starting to get bored of the taste of the limeade, but it’s not so unbearable that I can’t stick with the cleanse. I never did freeze it to make a slushie, but I’m going to do it tomorrow for sure. If only to get me out of this bored-taste-bud-rut. I also realised that I miss the act of chewing. So, I’ve been noshing on ice cubes just so I can freakin’ chew something. Gum would be great, but it’s not part of doing the cleanse properly. :-/

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Master Cleanse: Halfway Mark!

June 29, 2006

Today was the best day of the cleanse I’ve had so far. No hunger. Plenty of energy. The sea water didn’t make me nearly as nauseated as it usually does and I’m halfway done at day five. 😀 Oddly enough, even though I wasn’t hungry, I still craved…well.. not food, but beer. Not just any beer, either. My favorite beer: Guinness.

Weird, I know. Kev thinks it must be carb cravings, but I don’t think it is. I’ve already been there with the toast and pasta and rice cravings on days two and three. I think it’s simpler than nutrition cravings, I think I just wanted a cold Guinness on a hot day. Either way, there is one waiting patiently in the fridge for me for when I’m done with the cleanse.

So far I’ve only had five servings of the limeade, but we ended up going to see a movie tonight (more on that in another post). I only brought one serving for the theater, so I’m having my sixth serving right now. We had a voucher for a free small popcorn, so Kev used it tonight and I didn’t even want a bite while he was eating it. Not wanting food is kinda cool, yet kinda freaky. Though, I’m sure I’ll get over that in about five days or so. 😉

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Master Cleanse: Too Many Calories!?

June 29, 2006

As of today, I am almost finished with my second bottle of maple syrup. They aren’t large bottles, but Kevin was (jokingly) worried that I was getting "too many calories". Seeing as the maple syrup is literally my only caloric intake, I did some math. The bottle is 12.5 oz. A serving size is 1/4 cup and there are six 1/4 cup servings per bottle. Each 1/4 cup of maple syrup is 200 calories.

If I drink the minimum amount of lemonade per day, at six servings, I use 12 tablespoons of maple syrup. Using a little Google finesse, I found that 4 tablespoons equals 1/4 cup. So, therefore I am using 3/4 of a cup of maple syrup a day. So, if 1/4 cup of maple syrup is 200 calories and I’m having 3 of them per day, I am consuming 600 calories total per day.

The average human consumes 1,500 calories a day. The average American consumes 2,100 calories a day!

“Too many calories”, my ass! 😛

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