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PostSecret Update

May 7, 2008

This is an update to my PostSecret dilemma. To elaborate on the status of our friendship: I do know her very well, so I took a chance and sent her an email. Thankfully, in this case, she had no idea what PostSecret even was, but she did guess which card I thought was hers and […]

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When PostSecret Gets Personal

April 28, 2008

I read PostSecret every week and I marvel at some of the postcards people send in. This week, however, as I was scrolling down the page, one of them caught my eye. It’s one of the “depressing” ones, so I really don’t feel like posting it here, but it’s the fourth one up from the […]

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Fun with Video Cards

February 9, 2008

So, today I wasted way too many minutes of my day on a fun site called Bubble Joy. It’s a video card service (free, of course!). I just sent my grandparents, who live in Florida, a video card and I gotta say, I looked (and sounded) like a dork on the card. 😆 I know […]

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Thinking About Moving

January 17, 2008

Recently, the topic of moving out of state has come up. Why? Well, why not, really? We both love California, but feel drawn to move elsewhere. There is no specific reason really. We just want to move. Now that we’ve both settled on the idea of moving, we’re trying to decide exactly where to move […]

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