Amusing Search Strings

February 2, 2007

An amusing list of the exact search strings people typed, over the course of a week, and found my blog. My comments are in paranthesis.

  • “binary blonde” (No brainer there, but I’m blushing ’cause someone searched for me directly.)
  • PAW PRINT TATTOO (w00t!)
  • master cleanse journals
  • master cleanse day
  • master cleanse recipe
  • blonde pitbulls (Hmm…)
  • lemon tasting laxative in a bottle (Uhmm, eww..)
  • can you chew gum while on the lemonade Master Cleanser? (Answer: no)
  • veggie soup
  • kicking and screaming quotes (Blame my guest blogger during Blogathon 2006, Agent24, for this one.)
  • The Master Cleanse ease out (No friggin’ clue what this means.)
  • cool simple tattoos (Wow!)
  • The Master Cleanser: no food, just this concoction of freshly squeezed lemons, cayenne pepper, and Grade B, 100% pure maple syrup (Holy crap. Detail-oriented much?)
  • master cleanse fast ingredients
  • binary star string games (Eh? There are astronomy games out there? Tell me more!)
  • dog chewed on a battery (Take your dog to your veterinarian NOW.)
  • letterboxing Photos
  • cat prints tattoos
  • google talk online status
  • difference between a blonde and a pirate
  • big bowl allergy attack (WTF?)
  • veterinary assistant study guide
  • mad face
  • lemming mark morgan (He’s one of my buds from NOLA. He works at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah.)
  • master cleanse before pregnancy

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