Mind Dump

August 9, 2006

– So, last Sunday, Kev and I started laying down boards in the master bedroom. It was going well until we realised we needed another type of saw to work around some of the angles in the room. Okay, no prob. Kev picked up a jigsaw on Monday. Now, we’ll just have to work harder over the next few weekends to get it done before school starts on August 23. No pressure.

– I wish I could show just how comical I look trying to hold a piece of wood steady as he saws. It’s more like me trying to steady myself by holding onto the wood, than the other way around. I think we’re going to need a clamp or something before I lose all my nerve endings from the jittering.

– For the past two nights, I’ve hardly slept because the cats had the midnight crazies that lasted several hours. They kept tearing across the bed and I’d wake up with a ‘oof!’. I think it’s because of all the hubbub with all the furniture in different rooms and everything in upheaval as we put in the floors.

– My best friend called me yesterday. She got back from her honeymoon on Monday to find her condo trashed from a work crew who had to put in new plumbing in the building. She’s planning on calling the company today with a flaming bitch-fest message. Heh. I would be pissed off, too.

– Speaking of flaming bitch-fest. I am now officially part of the Shitty Blogs Club. They have forums where you can let all your rage out. It’s very therapeutic. I recommend joining just to gain access to the forums.

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