New and Improved

July 9, 2006

Like my blogs new ‘do? I was perusing all the new themes for Drupal, and found that one of Andreas Viklund‘s themes had been ported. Since I’ve always been a fan of his designs, I was ecstatic at this find and promptly installed it. As usual, I hacked it to make it "mine".

It might be a shock, given my former themes colors, but I wanted something more unassuming, something more like a blank canvas. I enjoy taking photos and the colors of this new layout won’t clash with any of the photos I post (just in time for Blogathon, too! :-)).

That little ladybug up there was captured through my camera lens while hiking through Montaña de Oro State Park in May of this year. Looking at her makes me happy, so I decided to put her front and center (or off-center, if we’re being literal).

The header photo will probably change with the seasons, my moods or if I see something shiny I want to slap up there. Also, please leave a comment if you notice any randomness or weird things going on. I’m aware the photo albums are looking pretty shitty right now, but I’m slowly working on them.

That said, I hope you enjoy the new layout and return again and again to look at the pretty pictures (oh, and maybe read my blog while you’re at it OR, even better, pledge a dollar or two my way to help the critters!!). 😀

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