Master Cleanse: Orange Juice Day

July 5, 2006

Last night, I had terrible insomnia and I gave up trying to sleep around 5 am. So, I got up and made my first cup of orange juice. I drank it slow, as directed in the book The Master Cleanser. Throughout the day, when I got hungry, I made another cup of orange juice and, ultimately, I went through 5 pounds of oranges! I should have bought more, because I am supposed to have orange juice for breakfast and lunch tomorrow.

I am so ready for some soup broth and a few veggies tomorrow! I chopped most of the ingredients to go into the soup and put them in airtight containers in the fridge. The soup will be my dinner tomorrow, as well as lunch the next day. Dinner on the third day will be more soup, but I will add a salad and a bit of fruit, depending on how I feel.

At the moment, I am hungry and am looking forward to being able to drink my juice tomorrow. Of course, after I head out and pick up some more. 😛

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