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Shrine with Doll in Thailand

January 30, 2008
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Artistic Elephant

January 6, 2008

(Click on the photo to view in larger format.) This artistic elephant is painting a picture at the Maesa Elephant Camp we went to in Thailand. This particular elephant received no help from his handler, but some of the younger ones were helped here and there. All the elephants at the sanctuary are protected and […]

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Lost in Translation

November 23, 2007

During our trip through Thailand via our plush tour bus, we stopped at several pit stops along the way to use the rest room and purchase a snack. We were lucky if the restrooms had “Western style” toilets; the rest of the time their were porcelain holes in the ground and you had to scoop […]

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Mmmm… Coconut Pancakes.

November 19, 2007

There are very few foods in this world that I crave, though I’ve always had a sweet tooth. My favorite sweet flavors are vanilla and coconut (separate or together, it doesn’t matter to me). So, when we went to Thailand and I found out that coconut is used in just about every native dessert, I […]

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