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What’s Been Going On?

March 28, 2008

Okay, here’s where I come clean about why blogging has been the last thing on my mind this past month. When we returned from our trip to Austin, Celeste’s illness came on so suddenly and progressed so quickly that I didn’t really feel like talking about much else. Now that I’ve had some time to […]

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Little Miss Tuxedo

January 15, 2008

Our little Noni, who is cute as a button, as you can plainly see. I adopted her from New Orleans in 2005. Oh, and she does have a tail, but in her newspaper-shredding frenzy, she ended up sitting on it. 😆

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Yin and Yang

November 20, 2007

Kanji (white) and Noni (tuxedo) show us that no matter how different you are, everyone just wants someone to cuddle up with. Thanks go to my husband Kevin for taking their photo because I didn’t want to risk disturbing them to go get my camera.

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New Furbaby

January 20, 2006

I just had to mention that I personally adopted a kitty. Yes, this makes 3! I find it amazing that, even after all the times I’ve been over here in Louisiana doing pet rescue, I have only adopted one animal! So, without further ado, meet Noni.


Her photo was taken by Clay Myers from Best Friends Animal Society while he was here at Celebration Station. There are other photos, some of her and some of her and I together, but I am unsure if they will be published in their newsletter at some point, so I don’t want to step on someones’ toes.

Noni’s story is like many other Katrina animals. She was an owner surrender, literally handed over to me while I was out on a food/water/rescue mission during my time here before I came back over for the long haul. Another volunteer and I were looking for a cat in a ruined neighborhood and there was a couple across the street from an address we were scouting who asked us what we were looking for. We described the cat we were looking for and I noticed Noni (her real name) was hanging around their yard. I enquired about her and the husband said that she was their cat. He offered her to me and told me to take her instead! She was so sweet and I noticed she was pregnant, so I couldn’t say no. His wife scooped her up and placed her in my arms.

As he was doing this, he also mentioned that she had had two previous litters. I didn’t hesitate in promising him that I would find her a great home. Noni and I bonded immediately, but I didn’t make arrangements to adopt her before my short two-day break during the holidays. She was there when I returned and I knew then that it was meant to be, so I officially adopted her. She lives near my desk in Kitty City and will meet her sister and brother (Celeste and Kanji) when I return home.

Photo credit goes to Clay Myers.

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