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What’s Been Going On?

March 28, 2008

Okay, here’s where I come clean about why blogging has been the last thing on my mind this past month. When we returned from our trip to Austin, Celeste’s illness came on so suddenly and progressed so quickly that I didn’t really feel like talking about much else. Now that I’ve had some time to […]

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Oh, For Me?

January 19, 2008

Yesterday, my Pay it Forward gift from stereotypical single woman arrived in the mail! It was such a nice surprise. Here is a photo of what I got: From left to right: Ritter Sport chocolates, customized Binary Blonde mug, Ghiradelli hot chocolate mix and a pack of mini mice for Celeste, Kanji & Noni (which […]

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Soulful Green Eyes

January 14, 2008

So, last night Celeste got the spotlight. Tonight, it’s Kanji’s turn. This is our handsome boy kitty, with his soulful green eyes.

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Yin and Yang

November 20, 2007

Kanji (white) and Noni (tuxedo) show us that no matter how different you are, everyone just wants someone to cuddle up with. Thanks go to my husband Kevin for taking their photo because I didn’t want to risk disturbing them to go get my camera.

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