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Tummy Time

February 17, 2009

A friend of mine suggested that I blog only photos until I find time to write posts again. I think it is a great suggestion! So great, in fact, that I will start with some photos I took today of Binary Boy playing on his Boppy play gym. Hopefully, I can post a photo a […]

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6 Months, Today

July 11, 2008

Today marks the beginning of my 6th month of pregnancy. It’s finally starting to sink in that we’re going to be parents in about 3 1/2 months. Both Kevin and I feel ready, but, every once in a while we bring up little doubts here and there. I know that’s to be expected, but as […]

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Everyone Was Correct

June 6, 2008

If you were keeping track, yesterday was my ultrasound appointment to determine the sex of our baby, among other anatomy checks. So, without further ado… It’s a Boy!!! Everything is going really well and our baby boy is healthy and happy. He received an “A+” on all the anatomy checks and we took home several […]

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