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Alley Cat Allies says “Thanks”

December 1, 2005

I’ll let this speak for itself:

Alley Cat Allies - Thank You

(You may click on the image above to view the page they link to.)

I cannot even express how wonderful it was to have volunteered with such an amazing organization. Alley Cat Allies really does care about the animals they help. Compared to the HSUS or ASPCA, they are a teeny organization, but I bet they helped more cats, including feral cats (which are the ones usually forgotten), than all of them combined.

Everyone I encountered while at their base camp in Louisiana was amazing. Even though our days were long and exhausting, everyone kept each other’s spirits high and supported each other when things got rough. I am honored to have spent a week of my life volunteering for Alley Cat Allies. The experience is something I will never forget.

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Desperate Plea for Volunteers

October 29, 2005

Anyone who is able-bodied can help. Efforts to rescue pets in New Orleans are NOT over! They especially need rescue personnel, vet techs and in-state vets. Please help or spread the word to anyone who will get up and GO!

Visit for detailed information.

Please crosspost!!

Edit: ARGH! I am so frustrated. I’m angry that the media isn’t still following pet rescue efforts over there. It’s like it doesn’t exist except if you’re in the middle of it all and reading the posts, getting the emails, etc. (which I am right now, and I am the only one to blame for that!).

I cannot stress this enough. People who love animals and are willing to volunteer for a few days should just go! If you can’t go to New Orleans, post this information in your blog. Tell a friend! Crosspost on whatever list you’re on. More info: &

All I can say is that I cannot get over there SOON ENOUGH and start helping. Only 2 more days!

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Countdown: One Week

October 25, 2005

In a weeks time, on November 1st, I will be on my way to Louisiana for my volunteer commitment with Alley Cat Allies. It has not fully hit me yet, but as the days count down, I find myself gearing up for the busy time ahead. I feel so excited, and yes, a little anxious, but just the thought of being able to bring relief to the animals over there fills me with happiness.

All volunteers must be totally self-sufficient, and conditions are essentially like camping, so I have already packed up my tent, sleeping bag and day pack. Thankfully, food is provided and luckily it’s perfect for me: freeze-dried vegetarian and vegan meals! There are also two outdoor showers and two port-a-potties.

I will be the only veterinary technician there and have been assured that I will be kept very busy in their clinic. A supervising veterinarian will be there a few hours a day, but for the most part, I, along with a couple other volunteers, will be the one tending to the animals daily health needs. Honestly it’s a little overwhelming, but I am most certainly up for the challenge!

To get an idea of the animals I will be treating, please read this story of Alley Cat Allies most recent rescue AND reunion: The Pontchartrain Boulevard Rescue – nearly a month after the hurricanes, rescuers are still finding survivors in houses confirmed to have pets.

As I am leaving soon, this may be your last opportunity to help me in my effort to end suffering for the animals left behind in the Hurricane Katrina and Rita disaster areas. I am still accepting donations through PayPal, just click on the donation button to the left. And thank you! :heart:

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