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Thoughts about the Summer and beyond

September 1, 2010

To be honest, I have about 40 posts in draft behind the scenes here. I just can’t bring myself to publish anything. Maybe it’s because too many eyes will read it. Too many eyes that I don’t want to read my thoughts, at least the thoughts that I’ve been writing about lately. It’s hard to […]

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A Day to Remember

March 23, 2010

Ever have a day where absolutely everything goes your way? That was today for me. I woke up feeling rested, as Binary Boy slept through the night. I had a good hair day. My morning espresso was especially yummy. I got to put in a load of laundry before we left for our class at […]

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Wildly Better, You Say?

August 4, 2009

Every morning I get these “Notes from the Universe“. It’s basically an inspirational blurb from the point of view of “the Universe” (or God or whatever higher being you believe in – if you do, that is!). This morning, I woke up to see this message in my inbox: “How is it Binary Blonde, that […]

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Why I Love Summer

July 14, 2009

Summer is my favorite season. Sure, it’s hot, but when else during the year can you get amazing, organic strawberries (and SO many other fruits) for so cheap? Also, swimming is the most fun during Summer, ponytails everyday of the week are okay, casual clothing is totally acceptable and people are generally more chipper. And […]

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