KevinI married my husband, Kevin, on October 25, 2003 at the Castaway in Burbank, California. We had a traditional Jewish wedding and much celebration ensued.

I became engaged at the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas on December 25, 2002.

EngagementKevin asked someone to take our photo in front of the fountains. Immediately after, when I asked to preview it on the digital camera, he handed me the camera and on the preview screen was a photo of my engagement ring, next to a post-it note asking me to marry him. In my shock and surprise, I nearly dropped the camera and looked up to see Kevin on bended knee.

Binary Boy

Our first baby. He was due on Halloween 2008, but came 5 days early, and was birthed completely natural with only a midwife and my husband attending. If you know me, you’ve probably heard me say this, but I will repeat it here: I never truly knew what love was until I became a mother.

Binary Boy is the center of my world and I feel so lucky to be able to “stay home” with him. He is a very active and intelligent boy and we have great fun together. I’ve heard two things from other parents that I am finding to be incredibly true. One, they really do grow up so fast, enjoy every moment while you can. And two, it really does keep getting better as they grow older.

Kanji Sebastian

Kanji Our youngest kitty is Kanji, the adorable boy of the group who couldn’t hurt a fly. He looks like he dipped his tail in black ink and has soulful, stunning green eyes. He has a cute, quirky habit of “talking” to any insects that dare to make their way inside our house. He was adopted from Maine Coon Adoptions, an awesome rescue group located in California.

I found him on Petfinder while I was “just looking” and fell in love with the big goof. Kevin and him have developed a very close bond and he practically basks in Kevin’s presence. His birthday is March 25, 2004.

Noni Orleans

Noni Noni is eldest of the group and most recently adopted. She is a small, dainty kitty and wears a perfect “Tuxedo”, including a perfect bow-tie on her chest. In addition, she always looks like she is smiling due to her adorable milk moustache.

She was rescued off the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana while I was there doing pet rescue in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. According to the caretakers on the block she lived, she was 7 years old when I found her in 2005. She is so very loving and sweet, quite talkative and one of the best lap cats I’ve ever had. She fit in with our family right away.

As I don’t know when Noni was actually born, her birthday is the date I adopted her coupled with how old her former caretakers told me she was: December 20, 1999.

Celeste Luna

Celeste My sweet Celeste crossed Rainbow Bridge on March 6, 2008. She was just a young 5.5 years old. Being a Ragdoll mix, she had been born with heart defects that were found too late to fix and her heart that was so full of love gave out suddenly while at the veterinarian being treated.

Celeste was my fluffy princess and also the middle child. She looked like a latte and mocha whipped together and her very long fur was soft as down. She also had stunning eyes the color of a deep blue sky. She was adopted through a rescue group I found on Petfinder before I was married, so her and I developed a very close bond. She will always be “mommies little angel”. Her birthday is August 3, 2002. I miss her so very much and, still to this day, am devastated over her sudden loss.

Celeste Luna – A Memorial