6 Month Milestones

May 26, 2009

Binary Boy has grown so much in this past month, it’s hard to remember all the milestones he’s reached! Here’s a rundown:

Cut his first tooth – That was rough, on both of us. He’s had about a week of great naps during the day and sleeping through the night before his second tooth is starting to cut in. I’m hoping these two teeth are the worst of it, if only for his sake. 🙁

Started sitting up on his own – I am so, so proud of him for this one especially, because being the little independent boy that he is, he always wanted to be able to sit up from lying down on his own and now that he can, it’s such a relief for both of us!

Started “army” crawling – It’s a bit awkward to watch, but it gets him from point A to point B pretty quickly. Plus, now, he can army crawl his way over obstacles like pillows or even torsos!

Pulling himself up – This is still very early to report, I know, but it’s happening. I doubt it’ll go anywhere for several months, but he tries this on a regular basis if there’s furniture around to pull himself up on. He’s also tried it in his crib and we’ve turned around to see him in a very wobbly stand. Ahhh!

He’s still eating solids, though for several weeks now I’ve cut back the amount heavily after one of my readers brought up that maybe the solids were giving him gas. It worked and he’s not had any gas since. Now, though, he’s starting to want more than the tiny serving I’ve been providing. I think it’s safe to give it to him as he’s almost 7 months old.

We’ve also got the hang of running errands together during the day and he no longer fusses in his car seat unless he’s super tired. Speaking of car seats, we just purchased a new one to graduate from the infant seat and he loves it! I’ve been thinking about posting all the gear I use and giving my thoughts on it because I end up researching everything I purchase extensively, so I figure that someone else should benefit from that research and knowledge!

There’s more to say, but since he’ll be turning 7 months today, I’m just going to get this posted (d’oh!) and start working on the next post.

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Cyndi May 28, 2009 at 9:34 pm

Sitting up! Army crawling! Pulling up to a wobbly stand in the crib!


That is amazing! Think about just a few months/weeks ago and what he was capable of doing.

A big leap and it just gets better… So many landmarks.

Please enjoy it all. I remember it like it was just a moment ago. This feeling will happen to you in the future, but for now think about THIS. Enjoy each new beginning – your son is beautiful!


Mrs Pop June 1, 2009 at 11:04 am

That is wonderful! He’s really starting to blast through those milestones!

We graduated car seats at about the same time. I loved my Britax Wizard. We researched and tested out loads before we decided on that one. I now use the Britax Parkway Booster. I love their headrests.


Sean June 8, 2009 at 4:26 pm

Wow, a stay at home blogger mom. I’m thinking about being a stay at home blogger dad. How is it? Is it easy to get work done and raise a child at the same time? I usually need total concentration when I get to work so I’m trying to figure out how I would balance it. Any suggestions?


Montana June 9, 2009 at 3:34 pm

Regarding his teeth – nope, the first ones aren’t the worse, the poor little bugger will be in some pain until they all cut through 😐 Oh well, everybody has to go through that 🙂


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