Attention: Californians Who Love Animals

December 26, 2007

Californians for Humane Farms If you are at least 18 years old or older, are registered to vote in California and love animals, please take a moment to visit the Californians for Humane Farms website.

There, you can learn more on how you can help animals this holiday season by signing up to gather some signatures, among other things!

I’ve already signed up with them and received my packet in the mail. I plan to gather signatures at a local community college campus in a few days. Through the website, you can even find someone nearby to partner with to gather signatures, if you feel uncomfortable going alone.

A special thanks go to Brita for alerting me to this great cause! Brita is a good friend I met in Louisiana while doing pet rescue after Hurricane Katrina. In addition to being a wonderful person, she was a devoted volunteer to the cats that came through Celebration Station and when she returned home, she adopted two kitties (Mimi who is FIV+ and FeLeuk+, and Nancy who is FIV+) to bring back to spoil. I am glad to know her.

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