I Am a Computer Goddess

August 5, 2007

Holy shnitz, people! I finally got my smiley’s working. It’s a friggin’ miracle I tell ya. Even though it can be a pain in the ass sometimes, I really do adore Drupal. It reminds me of Linux in many ways. Even though it might take a little more tweaking here and there, it’s worth it in the end because you feel like a computer god(dess) when you get anything working. :laugh: 😆

Anyway, I hope to catch up on my blog reading tonight, as I updated my list of blogs I (try to) read daily. I added quite a few (helllooo new Blogathon friends!), but I also nixed several, as well, so it ended up about the same size.

So, hopefully, after the standard weekend errands are done, I have some time to relax and do some blog reading.. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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