The Sounds Around Me

July 28, 2007

Still futzing with the CSS, but I am starting to make headway. You’ll most definitely notice if I switch themes. The one I’m working on is just as colorful as my last one. The green/blue layout you see now is basically just a place holder. Hope you didn’t become too attached! :sweatdrop:

I am beginning to hear the bustle of our neighborhood as more and more people wake up and begin their weekends. It’s so soothing to hear someone watering a lawn or a dog bark as it’s being walked down the block.

I think my favorite sounds are a soft wind rustling the small leaves of an aspen tree (I remember it still from my time camping at the Grand Canyon), the sound of ocean waves just after dawn and, of course, the soothing purr of a happy cat. What about you?

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