Catching Up

July 28, 2007

Wow. It’s already halfway through hour 2. Amazing how time can just fly past, isn’t it? I probably should start catching up on all that has been going on, but I can’t figure out where to start, since, really, there is no beginning!

I guess for starters I should mention that I left my former position as the Transaction Manager about two months ago. I left in early June, so when I last made my post titled ‘Long Overdue‘, I was still working part-time in real estate. So much has changed. I gave my two weeks only days after that post and decided during my last two weeks that my next job would be a full-time position. I spoke with several friends who suggested I sign up with a work agency, so I did. It was the best move I’ve ever made.

I’m now working full time (technically overtime since I only get an half hour for lunch) with a lumber company. What I do would take up too much time to explain, but to put it simply, I assist a salesperson who sells lumber at wholesale amounts. I type the orders using a special software called ‘WoodPro’ (yes, seriously) for massive amounts of wood. To put it in perspective, one of our customers is Home Depot. 🙂

It pays well and is possibly one of the most intense and stressful jobs I’ve ever encountered. It’s busy and fast-paced, as well as frustrating because of the extremely high learning curve. Plus, there is a crap-load of math involved. But, it pays well and that makes up for all of it’s flaws.

However, if I don’t “catch on” quickly enough, I will know in a month and a half, because they have no problems firing people who can’t cut it in the fast-paced, intense environment of the wholesale sales center. I’m there at 7:00 am every morning and usually leave by 4:00 pm. So.. that’s what I do now and I’ve been doing it for the past month and a two weeks.

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