Buried by Fluff

July 28, 2007

If you just missed the cam a few minutes ago, I was holding my extremely fluffy cat Celeste. She looks larger than she actually is because of all the fur, but she’s also a big cat. She looks even larger when I hold her, too! Hehehe. Yes, I’m pretty small.. My husband calls me 3/4 size, even though I’m an inch taller than the average height for an American female. 😛

Anyway, if you missed her, I’m sure she’ll be meowing for me to pick her up again every hour or so. 😉 I’ll also try and show off my other two kitties, Kanji and Noni. The latter of which I adopt from New Orleans when I was there doing animal rescue back in Fall ’05, after Hurricane Katrina hit.

Small correction: I stated we were over half-way through, but we’re only 1/2 through. D’oh! I’m always the optimist…

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