April is Anti-Cruelty Month

April 7, 2007

Follow these top ASPCA tips for fighting animal cruelty:

  1. Be aware. Look out for animals in your neighborhood, and call if you suspect a problem.
  2. Learn to recognize cruelty. Possible signs include wounds, extreme thinness, or dogs chained without food or water.
  3. Know who to call. Visit www.aspca.org/stateanticruelty to find out who has the power to investigate in your hometown.
  4. Provide as much information as possible, including type of cruelty, date, time, and who was involved.
  5. Call you local law enforcement unit. Animal cruelty is a CRIME – and the police MUST investigate.
  6. Know your state’s anti-cruelty laws. Visit www.aspca.org/statelaws.
  7. Fight for strong anti-cruelty laws. Join the ASPCA Advocacy Brigade at www.aspca.org/lobby.
  8. Set a good example. Show pets the love and good care they deserve.
  9. Talk to your kids. Education plants the seeds of kindness early.
  10. Support your local shelter or rescue group. Volunteer you time, foster a shelter animal, or donate money, food, or supplies.

Source: ASPCA Action. “April is Anti-Cruelty Month!”. Spring 2007 pg. 5

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