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March 25, 2007

It’s been kinda tough for me to make time to blog lately, but today I’m feeling expressive. My new job is possibly the best job I’ve had since working at the Cat Clinic two years ago… and before that, well I can’t think of anything (NOLA will never count as a “job”). So, yeah, I love my job.

I’m still being trained for my position and I’ve really started to understand the process finally. The girl who is training me is awesome and when I officially transfer to my new position in a week (which is her job now), she will be promoted. Thereafter I will be known as a “Transaction Manager” and I will handle anything going in or out of the escrow process. Personally, I think the technical term for all the paperwork involved is “shitload”. 😉

Other than my new job, everything else is pretty status quo. I’m working on getting Digital Tapas back on the air with Mojo Radio Live again (when they reopen). I should have more details within the next two weeks, so stay tuned.

The kitties are doing well, too. Celeste is her usual princess self and wraps herself around my head at night. It’s nice to fall asleep with her purring pressed up against my ear. Not too long ago, Kev said he was worried because he thought Celeste was suffocating me because she was literally sleeping on my face, but I think she was just above my nose, so it didn’t bother me at all. I never knew until he said something after I woke up.Noni has become our personal alarm clock and has taken to meowing in our faces to get us up to feed them in the morning – heehee. Kanji is his usual playful, goofy self. He and Noni have really become close. They play often together. When they do, it sounds like we have two elephants chasing each other!

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