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February 20, 2007

So, I’ve been sick with a “common cold” apparently. Though, this is the worst cold I’ve had in a long, long time. For several days, my throat hurt so much and was so swollen that I could barely talk. I’m better now, though. 🙂 I’m going to see an allergist soon, as well. I read that certain allergies can be almost cured with shots that expose one to the allergen that causes the reaction, therefore making your body fight it and create the necessary immunity. I’m going to look into doing that, if possible (and if my allergist says it’s okay, of course).

I’m also still looking for a job. Of course, now that I’m not looking for vet tech jobs, I’m finding openings all over the place. Heh. Go figure!

My hair is about a foot shorter, and I had my new stylist (thanks for the recommendation, Cat!) cut long, wispy bangs, too. I LOVE it. I can now wear it straight or wavy (which is what my hair does when not futzed with). A friend asked for photos, which I don’t have at the moment, but I’ll take some soon. I plan to change my pic over there in the sidebar at the same time.

It’s finally warming up here (not that it ever really cooled down compared to what’s going on everywhere else) and I’m really enjoying taking short walks with my neighbor and her almost-one-year-old baby. It’s nice to have a friend so close by. All I have to do is walk a couple yards over to her door. We’re on the same floor and the same age, too.

A lot is going on my little world lately, even though I’m not talking (typing) about it. I’m not sure if anyone else can tangibly feel change, but that’s how I feel lately. It’s almost as if I can feel our lives changing and growing. Sounds kinda weird, I know, but that’s the only way I know how to describe it. It feels really good, but I also feel a little anxious knowing that these changes are coming. Anxious and antsy, too, because I want it to hurry up! 😆

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