Super Fun and Happy New Year!

January 10, 2007

[insert files/images/ds-lite-outside.jpg photo here] – Skin for the outside of my DS Lite. So, last month I got myself a Nintendo DS Lite (coral pink :-)). It is no coincidence that I’ve been absent from my blog since I got the DS. It’s just so much fun!

Being a gamer geek, I also skinned it with a pretty pink surfer girl/hibiscus print and bought a custom pink stylus with Mario star topper – to match the coral pink casing, of course.

So far, I have four games: Animal Crossing: Wild World (AC:WW), Super Princess Peach, Brain Age and Super Mario 64 DS. I hope to expand my game library to include The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (slated for release March 1), Diddy Kong Racing (slated for release Feb. 7), Mario Kart DS (gotta have both racing games!), New Super Mario Bros. and Tetris DS, among others.

[insert files/images/ds-lite-inside.jpg photo here] – Skin for the inside of my DS Lite. Mostly, I’ve been preoccupied with Animal Crossing: Wild World. It’s not your normal video game… there’s no action, there’s no jumping or winning the princess back. It’s hard to explain, really, until you’ve played it yourself, but if you’ve played the Sims or Harvest Moon, then you might have a good idea of what it’s like.

You create a character and live in a village (that you name, nurture and customize) occupied by animals. Your character has his/her own house which you can customize with furniture, wall paper and carpet/flooring. All the animals have their own houses, too. And they all have unique personalities. They get sick, sometimes and give you presents, too. Like I said.. it’s hard to explain. Most people love it or hate it – I’m the former, clearly. 😉

[insert files/images/animal-crossing-new-years.jpg photo here] – Animal Crossing: Wild World – New Years Eve in Larimar. Okay, I just re-read that and it sounds boring, right? It did to me, too, until I started playing and now I’m freaking hooked! Actually, I’m just hooked on playing the DS period.

So, after Kev and I returned from hanging out with friends for New Years Eve, I logged into AC:WW to watch the in-game fireworks show. Anyway, I finally moved the screen shots I took of my character from the camera to my computer, so even though it’s late, I want to wish you a Happy New Year – Animal Crossing style! Heehee.

Click on any of the photos to see it full size. Oh, and if any of you play AC:WW (or any of the Nintendo DS wifi compatible games) let me know!

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