What Happened?

December 15, 2006

Uhmm.. What happened to last week? Seriously… WTF? 😯

It’s midnight, so I guess it’s officially Friday again, but what happened to every other day between last Friday and today? Not that I hate Fridays.. I love Fridays. TGIF and all… Plus, Friday means Photo Friday. But wasn’t the post before this one also a photo for Photo Friday? How embarrassing!

Oh well.. Hey, at least I finished the semester! Yay! w00t! It was actually a little sad for me, though, since I’m not going back. Two hours in bumper-to-bumper traffic to get to class is driving me batty and “I jus’ canna dui it a’ymore Capt’n!” I found another school that I can take the same courses (accredited through AVMA, of course) through distance learning. It is pricier, but I can’t beat the commute! :laugh: :sweat:

Anyway, how’s all your holiday shopping coming along? :cute:

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