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November 1, 2006

Hopefully you’ve noticed the new theme. If not, maybe you should get checked for color-blindness. Heh. 😛

Probably the first thing you’ll notice is that it is wider. Did you know that 800×600 isn’t the standard anymore? I didn’t until I started on this new theme. 1024×768 is the new black.. or whatever. It’s also much brighter and more colorful. Only a few key graphics are used, the rest is CSS magic.

It’s more “me”, and I’m not just talking about my mug over there in the side bar. These are “my” colors. As I was futzing with it during my precious spare time (basically while I’m supposed to be sleeping), Kevin said that this theme was more “me” than anything else I was working on. I took that as good sign and stuck with it.

Anyway, since I haven’t had much time to test every little detail before CSS Reboot, there might be some little things that are out of whack or don’t quite look right. I’m working on it, bit by bit, and will hopefully have all the kinks ironed out in a week or so (that includes the photo albums, with new w i d e r photos!).

Feedback and constructive criticism is welcome, just leave a comment.

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