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November 2006

Digital Tapas News

November 30, 2006

Digital Tapas will be on hiatus until further notice. I know, I know.. Boo! Hiss! After confiding in WebKittyn that I don’t have the time right now, she has graciously allowed me to stow my DJ mic temporarily until I can make time to do the show again. Keep your eyes glued here for news on when the next serving of Digital Tapas will be airing!

While my show is on hiatus, be sure to tune into the rest of the Mojo Radio Live talent. There are MANY other awesome shows – just take a look at the station schedule! I hope you still tune into the station and support the other rockin’ DJ’s they have while Digital Tapas takes a siesta. 🙂

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Cute Pet-Related Internet Show

November 27, 2006

Many of you might not know the challenges black-colored pets (cats and dogs) face in the shelter system. Today, I found a popular new internet show, called Cute with Chris, that features homeless pets from the Los Angeles area. This week, Chris has produced a wonderful piece highlighting "black dog syndrome." It’s funny, informative and well worth a watch. The "black dog syndrome" series runs in five segments (Nov. 27th – Dec. 4th). I encourage you to watch this excellent video series and pass the link along!

As a bonus, for all of you who foster animals, it’s a great way to educate potential adopters about how black pets can be just as wonderful as lighter-colored ones. It is truly funny, insightful, and a fresh new voice in the rescue community.

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Photo Friday: Immature

November 24, 2006

Photo Friday: Immature

Photographed at Point Lobos State Reserve in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California on May 7, 2006.

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Visit from Grandparents

November 23, 2006

My grandparents visited us on Monday. They live in Florida. It’s been about… oh… five or so years since I’ve seen them and it was so great to visit with them after all this time. They’ve been wanting Kevin and I to visit them since we got married, but we our schedules haven’t meshed until now. Well, instead of us going to them, they came to us. They basically just told us: "Clear your day on Monday, we’re coming to town!" Heh.

While they were here, we talked about flying out to Florida next year to visit them. They mentioned next Spring… so, looks like Kev and I don’t have to think about where we’re going on our trip next May. 😉 It’ll be fun, though. We talked about going to Disney World, Epcot and Animal Kingdom while there. w00t! My mother and step-father will probably join us for the trip, so it will be a whole family affair!

Having it be Thanksgiving and all just got me thinking about them I guess. Anyway.. back to my book! I’m almost done with it: Vegan Freak. Good stuff. I might write up a little blurb about it when I’m finished if I’m feeling brave.

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