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October 30, 2006

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

My father-in-law sent me that quote and it really hit home for me. I know he sent it because he knew I needed to hear it and for that I am so grateful. I tried to find who quipped it, but over and over again the results came up with “author unknown”. Ah well..

I think I need to tattoo it on my forehead. Backwards, of course, so that I see it when I look in the mirror. Sometimes, in my quest to finish a goal I’ve set for myself, I lose focus of why I actually chose the goal in the first place. It’s like I get some sort of tunnel vision, where, at the end of the tunnel is the goal and nothing else around it matters. It’s my perfectionist nature coming to bite me in the ass. Though, I’m trying to learn that life just isn’t about checking off your “Goal To-Do List”. It’s also about enjoying everything around it, and maybe even re-evaluating those goals along the way.

Sometimes, along the path towards a goal, I might find something that confirms my passion for it and other times I might find something that makes me wonder why the hell I wanted that goal in the first place. It’s why, I find, I have to continuously take note of what is around me, and why my tunnel vision can get me in sticky situations. Situations such as realising I’m so close to the original goal, but wondering why the hell I’m still pursuing it. At that point, I tell myself, it’s a waste to NOT finish the goal, even though it’s not something I want anymore.

Ugh. I think one of my new goals is to consciously take that quote to heart and live it.

Goal To-Do List

  1. Stop and smell the roses.

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