Feeling Faint

October 20, 2006

Well, I survived my annual doctors appointment today. In addition to my regular and wimmin’s check-ups, I requested they check my iron and B12 levels, just to make sure I can tell whomever asks after me that I am perfectly healthy as a vegan.

I did almost faint several times after they sucked four full vials of blood from me*, but that was because I had low blood sugar, not from needle and/or blood anxiety, etc. It happens pretty much every time I get blood taken or donate blood and, stupid me, forgot to take along a snack, so I had to wait it out. I waited in the waiting room, then got annoyed at everyone looking at me strange for sitting with my head between my legs, so I concentrated on just getting outside first. Then I had to sit on a bench just outside for a few minutes. During a short period of momentary clarity, I rushed to my car and waited it out there.

Finally, after about 25 minutes of annoying almost-blackouts and not feeling an end anytime soon, I was forced to troll my purse for anything.. candy, gum, whatever nugget of something sugary to help. Then, I found my pack of breath strips (with green tea extract in them) and let one dissolve on my tongue. That little bit of sugar (stevia) and caffeine snapped me right back, so I drove home and ate a bowl of cereal. All better!

*It’s nice to know that fainting after having blood drawn is common for certain people.

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