At the Crossroads

October 24, 2006

I’ve received a lot of comments, questions and advice regarding a post I made about two weeks ago, but the common question that everyone wants to know is, “Are you going to stay in school and finish the degree? I thought that is what you wanted.” I’ve been meaning to write or call everyone back regarding it, but to be blunt, I’ve been really stressed and busy lately. There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not studying or working on a paper or whatever, so basically I haven’t had time catch up on phone calls and emails that require focus and/or time that I just don’t have. My solution is to answer that question here.. even if it is a little tacky to answer everyone at once, which I apologize about. I should also thank those who did question, comment, etc., because it got me seriously thinking (which I really needed to do)…

Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t tip-toe around a tough subject or question, so the answer is: no, I’m not 100% sure I want to continue with school and finish the RVT degree. At this point, I am having serious doubts as to whether I want to continue with the degree or choose a different path. I do know I am going to finish the semester. That, at least, is not in question. What happens when it comes time for enrolling for next semester? I have no idea. My head is churning with many different thoughts, but I know I will always work with and/or for animals. That is not in question, either.

Unfortunately, I simply have no idea what I want, beyond finishing the semester and working with animals in some capacity. I’m trying not to over exaggerate or seem dramatic, but it is weighing heavily on me and the mere fact that I’m having trouble figuring out what I want to do or not do is utterly frustrating. I’ve never had trouble deciding what path to take in the past; I’ve always just kinda known what I’ve wanted to do… except when it comes to this.

The silver lining is that I know whichever path(s) I choose, it will be the right one(s). Why? Because, I know whatever path(s) I go down, it will lead to fulfillment, one way or the other. I know if animals are along the path(s), I’ll be happy. See, even if I’m not in school working towards an RVT degree does not mean I can’t start working immediately as a full-time technician (albeit, not “officially” licensed) in an animal clinic. I just gotta think out of the box, ’cause right now “the box” is suffocating me.

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