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October 14, 2006

Kevin and I have been busy more often than usual this weekend and it’s not even over! Weekends are when I usually catch up with cleaning, email and staying in touch with friends. So, if I haven’t returned your phone call or email, you know what’s up. I should be able to catch up on all that this Monday.

Now, just because I’ve been busy doesn’t mean I’m not having fun. 🙂 Today, we left early to drive out east into the boonies to go to the Southern California Faire. Going (to a faire) was part of an assignment for my Animal Science class. At the faire, I visited the livestock, swine and sheep auctions, as well as visit all their animal exhibits. Later in the semester, I have to go to a cat or dog show (where they judge the pets), a dairy (where dairy cattle live) and choose another animal-centric place, like an aviary or reptile show. But, I digress.

The faire today was actually more fun than I thought it was going to be. Although, knowing where those animals at auction were going afterwards made me sad, just visiting with them was very enjoyable. All of the animals were very well treated and very well cared for. What shocked me, actually, was that most of the caretakers were young kids! Most were teenagers, with many pre-teens mixed in. It was really kinda cute to watch them with their animals.

So the faire was today, and on Friday, Kevin took a half day off work so we could go to the Aquarium of the Pacific. I love it there, with all the ocean creatures to admire and be in awe over. I was poking around their site and noticed they offer an extensive array of volunteering opportunities. I love learning new things and on their application they say they give “first dibs” for working with the mammals and birds (sea lions, puffins, etc) to people training in the veterinary fields. Hmmm… yet another project to take up my time. 😆 But, wouldn’t that just be the coolest thing!? If I could work with sea creatures. I think that would most definitely be a cure for my boredom. 😉

Oh, before I go I just wanted to remind everyone living in So. Cal. that the Best Friends Super Adoption Festival is tomorrow! FREE admission! 10 AM at the La Brea Tar Pits. Visit my previous post outlining the details and location. I’ll be there bright and early, at 7:00 AM, to start unloading all the animals! (See you there, Cara!)

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