Random Words

September 4, 2006

I’ve been tagged! Jill over at Jilbean tagged me to play this game where the last person (for me it’s Jill) lists 5 random words. I have to type the first thing I think of when I see those words. Afterwards, I can tag others who then tag their own friends and the game continues.

  1. beagle – Snoopy (the comic) and Patches (my husbands’ dog who went to Rainbow Bridge)
  2. bed – sleep
  3. hungry – eat
  4. blinds – close at night, open in morning
  5. alarm – loud and annoying

The next five random words are:

  1. strawberry
  2. beach
  3. happy
  4. candle
  5. tattoo

The tagged bloggers are:

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