New Found Patience

September 28, 2006

I’ve been in an introspective mood lately. Even with all sorts of “stuff” churning around up there, I haven’t really felt like expressing any of it, at least not yet. While a part of wants to yammer on about what I think of this and what I think of that, I guess I just need to think about it more before I truly let it all out. It’s odd, this new sensation of thinking before I speak. Of having… patience. The old me would just spew all sorts of word-vomit, not a care in the world of how impatient or hot-headed I was being. This new me, however, thinks and actually ponders before speaking (or typing) and acting.

I guess I could chock it up to being tired or stressed, but that would silly. I think that part of me has actually “grown-up”. I shudder to think of myself grown-up, but I quite like the idea of never having to realise I stopped breathing because I was so angry. 😀

Anyway, kinda random.. I know. On a different note, but still about being “grown-up”, Kev and I are going to Disneyland tomorrow (my b’day present from Kev)! We’ll be there bright and early, ready for a day of not having to worry about being a grown-up! And I’m sure my new found patience will be tested rigorously. 😉

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