First Show Done and Done!

September 17, 2006

Okay, could I sound anymore nervous? Cripes, yo! Anyway, I had a ton of fun. Really, I did! The nervous ninjas kicked my ass, though. So, even though I sounded wooden and rehearsed (and I know I did – damn nervous ninjas), I totally freaking enjoyed myself. Even if no one on earth listened (although I know a few did – thanks!), I would have still relished being “On The Air”.

If you didn’t tune into Digital Tapas this week – good! I’ll be better next week and will have a bunch of fresh tracks to play. So, next Sunday, tune in and turn on at Mojo Radio Live, starting at 8pm Pacific/11pm Eastern. Be there or the nervous ninjas might get you next. 😉

Alright, now it’s really time to hit the books. Our first test in Anatomy (of Domestic Animals) is this Tuesday (!).

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