Digital Tapas Announcement

September 9, 2006

I promised I would announce what date I will be broadcasting the debut show of Digital Tapas. Taking everything into consideration, I’ve decided to debut on Sunday, September 17! w00t! The date also happens to be my birthday, so I felt that would lighten my mood and keep me distracted, as I am usually not in the frame of mind to celebrate. September, in general, is a rough month for me emotionally.

In preparation, I’ve been diligently ripping my cd’s and getting a kick-ass playlist together. I’m also working on clearing a space here to hold my weekly playlists and podcasts. I’m pretty sure the podcasts will be available on the Mojo Radio Live podcast site, but I’m big on having back-ups. All messages regarding Digital Tapas will be copied over on the Mojo Radio Live blog, too.

I am super psyched about doing this and hope I exceed your expectations! Don’t forget to tune in on Sunday, September 17 at 8pm PST/11pm EST on Mojo Radio Live!

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