School. Feh.

August 2, 2006

I got both the classes I wanted. Anatomy of Domestic Animals and Animal Science. w00t and all that.

I should be more excited or something. Yet, I’m not sure exactly what I’m feeling towards the prospect of returning to school. I do know I am dreading taking Anatomy again. I dropped the class right after I knew I would be going to Louisiana for my first pet rescue trip last year. I would have failed the class if I had stayed in it, as it requires massive amounts of out-of-class time, so it went bye-bye.

I wish I could just skip the damn class. I am practically making myself sick with the prospect that I might have to dissect a cat. Scratch that.. will have to dissect a cat. Yes, yes, I know. I love science, and I know it’s part of the scientific learning process. Blah, blah, blah. I still don’t want to do it!

I saw stuff down in Louisiana. Dead stuff, dying stuff, stuff I still have nightmares about. I’m not looking for pity. I chose to do it and mostly knew what I was getting into, but that was different. It was tragedy. It was accidental death.

This.. this is… useless butchery. I could see full-on veterinary students having to do this, but vet techs aren’t legally allowed to practice surgery. So, what’s the fucking point? :frustrated:

Man, I hate it when I get in these funks. Sorry for the downer post. Maybe a quick trip to Wild Oats for some fresh watermelon will perk me up. :yum:

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