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August 30, 2006

I’m feeling much better, not that anyone was really that worried. Anyone who knows me, knows that I can’t be depressed for too long. Life goes on and there’s too much stuff to be done!

Speaking of, we’re totally and completely done with installing the wood in our hallway (and accompanying foyer!). Sure, I know.. just a hallway, right? Pfft. We don’t live in box and, of course, the hallway is slightly angled, so, in turn the wood needs to be cut at a slight angle so it looks straight when done. Let me just say that I hope to never have to do this shit again, because as much as I love giving our carpet the boot (and in turn, 90% of my allergies), angles are a pain in the tuchus!

In other news.. and this I’m super excited about. I’ll be hosting my own radio show called “Digital Tapas” on Mojo Radio Live! You might have noticed the nifty graphic I whipped up over there on the sidebar to promote it and wondered why I hadn’t mentioned it. Well, wonder no more. 😀

How’d I get this gig, you ask? Well, when the lovely WebKittyn started the internet radio station, she asked if anyone would want to host their own show. I jumped on the opportunity so I could bring my love of eclectic, dance and trance music to the masses (or at least the 20 or so listeners we have right now :laugh:). I’ll be hosting a full hour show on Sunday nights, starting at 8pm PST (11pm EST). It’ll be live.. nothing pre-recorded for this gal. The premiere of “Digital Tapas” will be sometime in September, so stay tuned!

Completely off-subject, Kev and I are heading to his hometown during the long weekend for his 10-Year High School Reunion. I’m sure it’ll be fun, or at least won’t totally suck. Hey, at the very least we’re guaranteed a good story or two. Plus, there’s going to be booze and that makes just about anything bearable. 😉 If anything seriously funny happens, do expect for me to blog it. I’m hoping I’ll get some good/embarrassing/funny photos as a bonus.

Oh.. and I found out yesterday, at the first class meeting for Anatomy of Domestic Animals, that there will be a total of FOUR dissects (3 cats and 1 rat). Super-fuckin’-great, huh? 😡 I gotta do them, though, or I don’t pass and then I won’t be able to pass the California State Board test and then I won’t be an officially registered vet tech, and that’s why I went back to school at the age of almost-27 in the first place. So.. yeah.. I gotta do them.

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