Palms Against Sunset

August 18, 2006

The seasons are changing and I’m in the mood for a new look. The photo up there is actually a mix of two photos – a sunset and palm trees. Yup, I cheated and used my Photoshop skillz to manipulate it, but it looks so much more interesting. Trust me.

Mind you, none of the colors were faked. That’s Mother Nature at her best. Sunsets like that are a common occurrence here in Southern California and I take many photos of them daily. The sunset in the photo was from just a few nights ago and it inspired me to change the look around here.

So, you like? Yes? Good. No? Too bad, ’cause I like. 😉

Just a heads up – if anything breaks around here or looks strange for a few moments, that would be my fault. I’m messing with some new modules and installing some new stuff to see if I want to keep it. Yeah, I know.. it’s not the brightest idea to futz with the inner workings on a live database-driven site, but I’m just wild and crazy like that. 😉

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