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August 3, 2006

I’m in a much better (and cheerier) mood today. What can I say? Everyone has their moments. Mine happened to be several moments in a row that filled up the span of several hours yesterday. I hope to find an alternate solution to my issue.

Anyway, I have a great reason to be in a good mood today. Celeste, my darling middle kit, turned 4 years old today. That’s 33 years old in "people" years.

Celeste was the first cat I adopted after my childhood cat, Sophie, went to Rainbow Bridge. I adopted her through Petfinder about a year before I married and moved in with Kevin. Her and I have a special bond because of that.

She is a princess, yet a huge dork. She is finicky, yet will eat treats our other two cats won’t even touch. She is the only cat that sleeps at the top of the bed, curled around my head at night. She is very special to me in so many ways.

Happy Birthday, Celeste!

Happy Birthday, my Celeste-y! :heart:

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