August 13, 2006

Gah! Is it Sunday already? This weekend went by in a blur! Not much of a surprise, I guess, considering my entire waking moments were devoted to measuring, cutting and hammering wood boards. Then, wash, rinse and repeat and repeat and… 😉

At least I can say that we got a whole lot done in 2 days. Our bedroom is the second largest space and is 99.9% done. w00t! I gotta say, too, it looks mighty fine. I will post photos when we’re all done, but I was a dumbass and forgot to take a "before" photo. It would have been cool to have, just for comparison sake. Oh well.. At least I’ll remember to document our progress from now on.

The cats love the wood floors. They go sliding around, flinging toys all over the place. We can now hear their little "tappity-taps" as they walk and run, too. It’s too cute! Actually, scratch that. Not the cute part, but the tappity-tap part – it’s not true for Celeste. She’s always so dainty and does everything with a light touch. Noni and Kanji, however, we can hear tap dance. 😀

We got smart after last night and will be removing any of the hard toys that slide and make noise before going to bed. That woke us up several times last night! Plus, if they slide under the bed, they try and fish it out by batting at the sides of the bed frame. Rrrrgh. No more of that.

Anyway, I’m very happy with how well the flooring is coming along. We are slowly going to work on them during the week and go at it full speed again next weekend. Fun, fun!

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