Will I Survive the Blogathon?

July 12, 2006

You have a 80% chance of surviving the Blogathon!
Will you survive the Blogathon?

So, there ya go. According to this quiz, I have an 80% chance of making it through Blogathon awake and sane. Considering this is my first crack at Blogathon, I’ll take it! 😀

In all seriousness, though, I know I’ll make it all the way through. I’m stubborn enough and am “blessed” with an ungodly ability to stay awake no matter what (aka insomnia), that I’m sure I’ll make it to see the sunrise.

Maybe I’ll even get to snap a photo of the sunrise. Now, that would be cool.

I’m very excited about the amount of my sponsorship tally going up every day. Many thanks to some very generous people for making that happen!

My modest goal is to reach $200.00 by Blogathon (July 29). So, help Best Friends Animal Society save more critters and sponsor me! If you can’t pledge, then blog about it or send out an email to your friends and family. The animals need YOU!

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