Silken Treats

July 26, 2006

A big part of Blogathon is getting to know new bloggers and making new friends along the way. Tonight, during WebKittyn’s Mango Radio Show, I met Bug in the Mango Radio chat room. I visited her blog and realized this girl is another blonde geek. Also, her first blog posts mentioned something about sexy.. Already I felt like I had a kindred soul in Arizona who exemplified my motto: Part Geek. Part Chic.

The ‘sexy’ she was talking about is lingerie. Not just ANY lingerie, though.. sexy underthings from Yandy Lingerie. Their name doesn’t rhyme with candy for nothing! They offer some of the sweetest underthings I’ve seen and, to top if off, they’ve offered to give $15 to her charity for every mention in a blog. How’s that for giving back!

I might even treat myself to something from their wide selection. Their pure silk lingerie looks just scrumptious. :yum:

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