Rudeness, Not Prejudice to Age

July 27, 2006

I was just over at Bug’s place and read her most recent post. It felt like déjà vu reading it because my husband and I were just talking the other day how rude "old" people are.. or maybe we’re just noticing it more.

A similar event to Bug’s happened to me in the bank teller line last week. I was standing right behind a crotchety old man. Just as some other random man left the teller window right in front of us, the young female teller closed her window and apologetically told the old man, "Sorry, but I have to close now".

Instead of understanding, he belted out "WELL, THAT WASN’T VERY NICE OF HER!". She totally heard him, everyone in the bank heard him, and you could tell that it made her feel like shit. As if trying to seek approval he looked back at me and the others in line. I just shot him a dirty look, shook my head and looked away, frowning all the while. I took a few steps back, trying to distance myself from him as much as I could without crowding the people behind me.

What a freaking asshat. I wanted to deck him. It’s not her fault she had to close. She might have been done with her shift or might have had to use the restroom or maybe it was her lunch break! Who knows? Who cares? She had to go! Cripes.

My husband and I had another run-in with some older man practically screaming into his cell phone at a local eatery we go to. It’s really quiet in there and the entire restaurant heard this man and his conversation. It’s like he felt he was entitled to yak away at his leisure while other people were trying to eat in peace.

What is with these old people thinking they can just be completely rude and bitchy and get away with it? I’m all about "respect thy elders", but I also don’t freely give respect where it’s not deserved.

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