My Best Friends Wedding

July 21, 2006

The Bride and her Bridesmaids

Last Sunday my best friend of 11 years got married. That’s her in the middle (duh) and me on the far right. The other two lovely ladies in the background were the bridesmaids.

She looked so beautiful; and her groom was quite handsome. The wedding was pretty much perfect. The venue was straight out of "A Secret Garden", but the weather was miserably hot and sticky. Hey, at least we all glowed in photos. I adored the bouquets we held – they looked like mini sunsets. I even got compliments on my speech from the Rabbi and his wife, among others!

My Best Friend and I

That’s her and I waiting for the photographer to give us "orders". Unfortunately, about 90% of the photos Kevin took came out blurry. Oh well. Below is one of the few of the happy couple that came out okay.


Congratulations PAUD! I am so happy for you two. *sniffs*

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