Mmm, Grapes and Water

July 30, 2006

Celeste’s haiku will have to wait, as she is enjoying lounging under our bed and the darkness just won’t do for photos. Good news is that there is only 2 more hours left in Blogathon!

I feel achy, as well as tired. I’m also resisting the urge to squint a whole lot because my eyelids are sooo heavy, but I’m hangin’ in there. Some organic green grapes fresh from the fridge and some ice-cold water perked me up a bit.

I told Kev not to wake me sooner than Noon tomorrow. I think a good, solid six hours should be good enough to make it so I’m able to fall asleep at a normal time tomorrow night.

Anyway, I will keep trying to get a good photo of Celeste so I can write her haiku! How/what is everyone else doing?

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Guest Ronnie July 30, 2006 at 4:38 am

Sooooo….youuuu still awake? Only an hour an a half to go. I just got home from work. I’m sitting here sipping my tea doodling sig tags and waiting to see the pic of you in your outfit. LOL

Oh and thanks for the pics of your jewelry/gemstone collection. *drool drool drool*

I can’t believe you’ve only ever stayed awake for 24 hours once before now. I do it all the time. Mind you….chronic sleep deprivation causes all sorts of serious health issues I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Hmmmm….I’m thinking maybe I’ll participate in a future blogathon. Do they allow whacky people to participate? *hehe*


Binary Blonde July 30, 2006 at 5:00 am

Yes, barely! Heeee. Completely delirious I think, too.

Hope you got good tips tonight. :-) And welcome for the pics – I had soo much fun taking them. Thank YOU for requesting them.

Hell yes, whacky people are encouraged to participate – they like colorful people around to keep things lively! ;-)


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