Master Cleanse: My Goals

July 3, 2006

The first day I started the Master Cleanser, I wrote down my goals for doing it. Since I’ve come so far and only have 1 more day (after this one) of the actual cleanse, I’d like to list my goals and reasons for doing it.

  1. Detoxify.
  2. Ease my caffeine addiction.
  3. Get rid of or, at least, ease my asthma, which is mostly caused and set-off from my MCS (see below).
  4. Get rid of or, at least, ease my allergies.
  5. Ease my multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS).
  6. Nix my cravings for refined sugars and carbs (read: sweets).

A bonus would be to detox from my time spent in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina doing pet rescue. I’m sure I was exposed to some crazy shit down there while I was trekking through those houses and working in filthy conditions for months. I also wasn’t able to eat as well as I usually do when I lived there, and I hope to get rid of any stuff that junky food left behind, too.

A common “byproduct” of the cleanse is losing weight. That is not one of my personal goals for doing the cleanse. Being vegan, doing yoga, and eating healthy foods affords me a weight and body image that I am mostly content with (though, firming up that weight would be nice, but the cleanse doesn’t do that, exercise does).

However, it’s pretty impossible not to lose weight while on the cleanse because of the small amount of calories the cleanse provides (about 600/day). Either way, I don’t have a way of tracking any weight loss as we don’t have a scale in the house.

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