Master Cleanse: Day 9

July 3, 2006

I was hungry a good part of the day, but that was my fault, as we stayed out longer than I anticipated and I only brought along one serving of limeade. That stuff is pretty amazing. As soon as we got home, I made a glass and as I started drinking it, I felt full of energy again and no longer hungry. I can see how people go for 15, 21, even 40 days on this cleanse and not be any worse for the wear.

I am sticking to ten days, though. Maybe, if I decide to do this again, I’ll do it for longer. I’ve read on The Raw Food Site forums that it’s a great cleanse to do before pregnancy, among other things. So, we’ll see..

Anywho, it’ll sorta be strange to eat again and feel full. I think the best physical feeling from this cleanse, for me, is I don’t ever feel too full. Like, when you eat too much pasta too fast. That feeling. There’s nothing even remotely like that feeling with this cleanse. Ahh, I will miss that.

Though, I think I am more looking forward to actually chewing something again. Lime pulp is okay, but there’s nothing like chomping on a great mouthful of salad or crunching through a carrot or mushing a tomato in your mouth and.. well, you get the picture.

Ahh, to chew again. Only another 3 days until I can chew again. Even though it will be soup veggies, I will relish every last chew.

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