Master Cleanse: Day 8

July 2, 2006

Today was a very lazy Sunday. It was nice and relaxing, just the way I like weekends. Finally, I got all my recipe cards finished and put into their perspective categories in my recipe box. It’s embarrassing how long I sat on that project! This was a perfect time to do it because I didn’t get hungry while reading all the recipes. 🙂

Anyway, I had my usual six servings of limeade today and, of course, with two days left, the taste has actually grown on me. It’s not something I’m going to really crave after this (I don’t think), but it’s not something I drink just for nourishment anymore. Speaking of limeade, I’m down to my last lime, which will go into my breakfast limeade. I’m going through limes at twice the rate I was the lemons because they are smaller. Good thing I had planned to go shopping tomorrow.

Kevin and I are heading out early (he’s taking the day off) and we’re going to run some errands. Of course, my limeade will be toted along for the ride. Afterwards, we’re going to Wild Oats to pick up some fresh oranges for the first day after the cleanse and the ingredients for the soup I will be eating on the second and third day after I stop the cleanse.

I had some cravings today, first in a few days, for food that I haven’t had since high school: my mom’s baked fruit bars and these homemade tortilla chips that I had down in Mexico with some sort of spicy seasoning that I’ve never been able to find here. Heh. Weird, huh?

Hmm, I think a day trip to mom’s might be in order after I’m done with the cleanse.

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