Master Cleanse: Day 7

July 1, 2006

I’ve been on the cleanse for a full week now and I can honestly say I’m feeling great. Having never juice fasted beyond three days before, I never knew it could be so.. easy.

I don’t even want food anymore. What the heck? It’s freakish I tell ya! Though, to be honest, I loooove the smell of food, but if offered any, I could refuse and not feel like I’m being tortured or like I was missing out. Kevin got Quizno’s today and I didn’t even bat an eyelash while he ate next to me. It smelled effing good though. It’s almost as if just the smell of food satiates me.

I think I mentioned this to Ilona in a comment, but water… just plain water, tastes sweet now. It has a mildly sweet flavor to it. Yum, huh? No wonder Robin from Howard Stern said a salad tastes like ice cream once you start eating again. w00t!

July 4th will be my last day on the lemonade. The next day I can drink only orange juice (watered down, if necessary) and more of the lemonade. Following that, I’m going to make a fresh vegetable soup with little to no spices/seasonings in it and have the broth. Then, to officially be off the cleanse, I will eat the broth with some of the veggies, along with a light salad and maybe a rye cracker. Then, on Saturday, July 8, I will be able to eat a full meal. I guess I better figure out what/where my first meal is going to be.

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