Early Morning Humidity

July 29, 2006

Okay then. Now that THAT’S over with, anyone have a photo they want taken? 🙂

Just leave a comment with whatever you want! Any random thingamabob that comes to mind will do.

I’m listening to Mango Radio right now and Mango mentioned how friggin’ hot it is here in So. Cal. and that he doesn’t have an air conditioner. My husband and I don’t have an air conditioner either, for the same reason as Mango – we live near the beach! It’s never been this humid, ever. I mean, there’s even been mosquitos at night lately. Ewwww. I hate mosquitos.

It’s never even been close to this hot, either. The two fans I’ve got going should be okay for today… I hope.

Remember to leave your guesses for my Guess-the-Outfit Contest!

Hint #3: The fabric is a solid color (no pattern).

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Hudson December 18, 2008 at 4:37 pm

Lately I’ve been thinking about the branching structure of trees. Could you take a picture of two different trees of the same species, to see the similarities and differences of how they form. Or maybe just a tree will do. ha. — Im marking this post as a follow up! (it will email me if there is new activity) 😀


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