Coffee is Your Friend

July 29, 2006

I feel the tired. It drapes over me like a wet blanket. Ugh.. I know how I get when I’m tired. I curse a lot more and I ramble. Plus, I end up changing the subject a lot.

Methinks some more iced coffee will fix things right up and dry off this tired blanket.

Only 7 more hours. Weee!

Who knows what my part geek, part chic outfit is? Comment with your guess! Here’s another hint. This should practically give it away!

Hint #18: It is a uniform.

Guess it right and you have a choice of $25 Amazon E-Certificate, $25 Gift Sponsorship for animal of your choice at Best Friends, or $25 donated to your charity! Plus, a brand new copy of Crazy Aunt Mary‘s new album, ‘Sexy Epsilon’!

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